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The world we live in is changing rapidly, and modern advanced information and communication technology is gradually integrating and integrating with other fields to create a new industry.

At the heart of this is the growing value of blockchain, the core technology of cryptocurrency, which has created many platforms that utilize blockchain, creating sharp competition among them.

Kainos is a Greek word meaning new and innovative, and based on the blockchain ecosystem, the Kainos project is trying to become a syndrome in the blockchain world that creates a new and innovative world.


For the convenience of users, Kainos is designed and in progress to allow interchange between major coins such as BTC and ETH, as well as the Stable-Coin based on the world's major currencies. This also helps consumers buy Kainos to gain investment benefits through investment in the Kainos platform and to purchase goods and services and other goods at Kainos. In other words, the Kainos platform claims to be a futuristic currency that can combine investment and consumption.

Atomic Exchange

Multi blockchain allows transaction executed through exchanges within the blockchain

Multi Block-Chain

Deploy Multichain instead of single blockchain for multiple connection for specific

Multi Swap

An inter-chain technology able to exchange data with other blockchain networks

Hyper Converged

An integrated technology combining cloud services with virtualized infrastructures


For personal asset protection, system operation, transaction speed and system advancement

Front Grid Backend
Multi Flexing

Ensure stability, accurate processing and security enhancement of the platform

KAINOS Platform Structure

The Kainos platform is a multi-platform with two functions: a business model and a securities token invested in real assets, and a payment token created to expand the market network for daily transactions.


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an amazing world
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Kainos Wallet

'KAINOS Wallet' was created by the KAINOS Coin (KAI) Foundation, a Tron-based digital asset, and can easily transfer and deposit digital assets on mobile devices by applying a simple UI/UX that anyone can easily use.

KAINOS Coin (KAI) will be listed on the global international exchange L-BANK in March 2023, which will provide a new coinecosystem forglobal cryptocurrency users as well as opportunities for growth of assets.